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Tips on Storing Blueberries

Tips On Storing Blueberries To Enjoy All Year!

Storing Blueberries In Your Refrigerator
up to ten to fourteen days
Sort the blueberries to remove debris and stems. Separate out soft, broken and moldy blueberries. Put unwashed blueberries in a breathable container. Wash blueberries right before eating or cooking.

Storing Blueberries In Your Freezer
up to one year
Sort, remove all stems and leaves, then place blueberries in an air-tight container. Place container deep in freezer. Some advocate freezing blueberries on a clean cookie sheet. However you choose to freeze your blueberries, do not wash till you are ready to use. A quick rinse with cold water and then use in fresh deserts or cook. You do not have to thaw blueberries to cook with them.

Storing Blueberries By Drying
up to one year
Sort your blueberries by size to insure even drying. Follow instructions as provided by your dehydrator. Store in clean, dry bags in a cool, dark space, away from heat sources.Other durable containers like jars work well for storing dehydrated blueberries. Dried blueberries can also be stored in your freezer. Dried blueberries are perfect forĀ  home made granola, salads and snacks.

Other blueberry storage options include making syrups, storing in alcohol, i.e. vodka, and making jams and preserves!

Blueberry Storage Tips: Fruits do better in refrigerator crisper drawers that are adjusted for lower humidity. Also, don’t pack crisper drawers to tight because that reduces airflow. Blueberries like to breathe!
image pint of blueberries