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Celebrating Blueberries in North Carolina?

We Share NC Blueberry Events, Festivals, Fairs and Shows*
If your community or organization has blueberry events planned for 2017, please use our contact form to share it with us. The North Carolina will share qualified and verified events via a posting on this page. Qualified blueberry events will also be allowed to share a press release in our well-read blog.

You can contact the North Carolina Blueberry Council with information on your blueberry-related event via our contact form or call Brenda Park, Executive Director, at: 864-246-4560

The North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc. is  mission to make it easier for blueberry fans to find events in North Carolina that focus on local blueberries! We will endeavor to use our discretion wisely to share blueberry events that fit within our guidelines. We also have programs that offer higher visibility to select events such as banner advertising and enhanced listings.

*The North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc. reserves the right to exercise its sole discretion on what blueberry events will be qualified and approved to be shared on any of its websites. Basic qualifications for any blueberry events shared are that they be held in North Carolina, have an emphasis on blueberries, be family friendly and be supported by a recognized community or other organization. We cannot and will not be responsible for errors or omissions for any reason, regardless of fault.

To see if your blueberry events qualify, please send your press release by email or mail to:
By email: Use our contact form and upload your press release, flyer or invitation
By Mail:

North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc.
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