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The Best Blueberries Are Fresh Blueberries

Fress Blueberries Are designed For Eating!

Fresh blueberries are the sweetest!

Blueberries ripen best on the bush. The closer to the blueberry patch, the sweeter the berry you can pick! Taking the family to your local U-Pick blueberry patch or farmer’s stand for the plumpest, ripest blueberries. A fully ripe blueberry is shiny blue, plump and sweet. The blueberries with a bit of grayish dusting travel better and will ripen a bit more under the right conditions.

Fresh Blueberries Just Need Rinsing!

When picking blueberries at a local farmer’s U-Pick patch, bring extra water and a colander!¬†Undoubtedly¬†some of the ripest blueberries will be eaten on the spot! Many of the blueberry patches in North Carolina are organic or do not apply pesticides. Still a quick rinse is recommended and insures nothing will interfere with the great taste of fresh picked blueberries!

Buy Extra Fresh Blueberries So That Some Get Home!

No matter how you come by fresh North Carolina blueberries, buy extra. That was you will guarantee that some blueberries get home!

If Fresh Blueberries Are Not Available… Don’t Despair!

Frozen and dried blueberries maintain good flavor and excellent health benefits. Shop your local grocer’s frozen fruit freezer for outstanding values when it comes to blueberries! Frozen and dried blueberries have nearly the same healthy dose of phytonutrients and polyphenols that fresh ones do!

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