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How To Cook Blueberries

Can You Help By Sharing Your Blueberry Recipes

Note: Although we are always looking for tasty recipes that use North Carolina blueberries, through April, 25, 2013, we are sponsoring a recipe collection with Our State Magazine. Click here For More Information.

You can help make blueberries America’s favorite fruit!

Could the North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc., be reaching too high in it’s quest to shove the blueberry past apples, peaches, strawberries and tomatoes to be America’s favorite fruit? Well the jury is out on that, but you can help us try!
So instead of us trying to tell you how to cook with North Carolina Blueberries, we want you to tell us! (and we in turn will share!)

Do you know a great blueberry recipe?

You can help blueberries become America’s favorite fruit by sharing your best recipe and if it is selected, allow us to share it on this site! (With proper credit of course). The only caveat is that it has to be your recipe, not Betty’s or Chef Whatishisname. If you have a picture of the final goody or a video link on YouTube, there are places in the form below to share that information!
The North Carolina Blueberry Council

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