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More Research Suggest Blueberries Support Cognitive Heath

From Dimensia To PTSD, Eating Blueberries May Help!

Early Studies Show Blueberries May Offer Some Relief from PTSD Symptoms

Do you need more reasons to eat more blueberries? A small study using rats suggest that eating blueberries may help moderate the human Studies support blueberries are good for your brainchemistry that causes anxiety and depression, as well as suicidal tendencies that afflict many who suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD).

While talking of the need to start human trials, researcher, Dr. Joseph Francis, Ph.D. says, “And in the meantime, it seems safe to say that eating blueberries can’t hurt — and may help — in people with PTSD.” Simply join your own “human study” on blueberries and eat a cup a day!

Read the story on blueberries and PTSD HERE On Science Daily

Additional Science Supports Blueberries Improving Cognitive Functions of Alzheimer Suffers

Another small studies is causing researchers to focus on the potential that one day, blueberries may be part of a regime that helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Researchers do suggest this study is small and the results are not as robust as other recent data and in some cases, there was no measurable difference.

Read the whole story on blueberries and Alzheimer’s HERE ON Science Daily

Why Wait For More Studies? Eat More Blueberries Now!

This last study used what amounted to a cup of blueberries in powdered form! We agree that everyone should get a cup of blueberries a day. At the very minimum, a cup of blueberries tastes pretty good, is only eighty calories and is packed with antioxidants and vitamins you can’t get anywhere else! So how will you incorporate more blueberries in your diet?

More Powdered Blueberries Please?!

These recent studies that support blueberries support cognitive health presses a need to develop more blueberry-infused products! In particular, more blueberry powder products on grocer’s shelves could help many now! Powdered blueberries would be an ideal food supplement for both taste and health benefits. In particular, one study suggests needing good candidates for human studies. Well this blueberry fan suggests that blueberry powder should supplement any foods sent to refugees in war zones around the world. Blueberry powder would  be easier to ship and use in liquids, baked goods and even local porridge dishes.

In the meantime, would you eat a cup of blueberries a day if it helped fend of Alzheimer’s or moderated PSTD symptoms? I bet you would!

Editors Note: The North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc. is not making any recommendation other than “eat a cup a day of blueberries”. That recommendation is based on basic nutritional science. Still, if you needed another reason to eat more blueberries, a chance at preserving or improving cognitive ability shouts eat two cups.

Eating blueberries also supports American farmers, the small communities that make up the back bone of this country and the future generations of farmers that help keep us a great nation.
J Wood Website Editor


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