Fresh North Carolina Blueberries For Everyone!

Eat More Blueberries!

image North Carolina Blueberries NC Blueberry CouncilFor more than 70 years North Carolina’s blueberries have been a favorite in the American diet. At first it was wonderful flavor that created most of the demand – it still does but each year researchers learn more about the many health benefits and healing potential of this beautiful blue fruit.

Fresh, Frozen or Dried Blueberries Are “All Good!”

Even though the North Carolina blueberry season is on the horizon, don’t wait to enjoy the little blue dynamo! Find great tasting blueberries in the freezer section or dried fruit section of your favorite grocery store! Enjoy blueberries year around!

Enjoy Blueberries Any Meal!

From breakfast to dessert after dinner, blueberries compliment many styles of cooking. Classic in pancakes or spooned as a healthy topping, blueberries are also at home in salads, marinades and of course in dessert! Don’t forget a handful here and there make a great snack!